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What's New in This Guide for Release

1 Introduction to the Composite Application Validation System

2 Preparing to Use the Composite Application Validation System

3 Introduction to Defining and Running CAVS Tests Using the CAVS UI

4 Creating and Modifying Test Definitions

5 Creating and Modifying Simulator Definitions

6 Searching for Test and Simulator Definitions

7 Working with Group Definitions

8 Defining CAVS Routing Setup IDs

9 Working with Test and Simulator Instances

10 Working with Group Instances

11 Purging CAVS-Related Cross-Reference Entries to Enable Rerunning of Test Scenarios

12 Exporting and Importing CAVS Definitions and Instances

13 Introduction to Oracle AIA Error Handling

14 Setting Up Error Handling

15 Using Error Notifications

16 Using the Oracle BPM Worklist

17 Using the AIA Message Resubmission Utility

18 Using Trace and Error Logs

19 Accessing Oracle B2B Errors

20 Using the Code Compliance Inspector

A XML Structures of Exportable CAVS Definitions and Instances

B Code Compliance Inspector: New Terminology & Available Assertion Executors