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New and Changed Features

Part I Getting Started with Customizing Oracle WebCenter Content

1 Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Content

2 Introduction to the Oracle Fusion Order Demo Sample Application

Part II Working with the Idoc Script Custom Scripting Language

3 Introduction to the Idoc Script Custom Scripting Language

4 Using Idoc Script Variables and Functions with Oracle WebCenter Content

Part III Changing the Look and Feel of the Content Server Interface

5 Customizing the Content Server Interface

6 Creating Dynamic Server Pages

Part IV Modifying the Functionality of Content Server

7 Changing System Settings

8 Changing Configuration Information

9 Customizing Services

10 Generating Actions Menus

Part V Customizing Content Server with Components

11 Getting Started with Content Server Components

12 Enabling and Disabling Components for Content Server

13 Updating Component Configurations

14 Customizing Content Tracker

15 Customizing Content Categorizer

16 Downloading Custom Components

17 Creating Custom Components

18 Installing Components

19 Uninstalling Components

Part VI Customizing Records

20 Customizing Disposition Actions

21 Customizing Bar Codes

22 Adding a Mobile Bar Code Reader

23 Creating Custom Reports

Part VII Integrating WebCenter Content into Your Environment

24 Getting Started with Integrating WebCenter Content into Your Environment

25 Configuring WebCenter Content Web Services for Integration

26 Integrating JavaServer Pages with Content Server

27 Using the IdcCommand Utility to Access Content Server

28 Using the COM API for Integration

29 Using RIDC to Access Content Server

30 Using the Content Server JCR Adapter

31 Configuring Web Services with WSDL, SOAP, and the WSDL Generator

32 Customizing the DesktopTag Component

Part VIII Appendices

A Idoc Script Functions and Variables

B Building a Website

C Troubleshooting