4 Setting up Auditing of Oracle Internet Directory

In this exercise, you use Fusion Middleware Control to manage auditing.

4.1 Before you Begin

You must have access to the administrative user account for the domain.

4.2 Managing Auditing by Using Fusion Middleware Control

You use Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control to manage auditing.

  1. Connect to Fusion Middleware Control as described in "Accessing Fusion Middleware Control".

  2. Log in as the WebLogic administrator.

  3. From the domain home page, under Fusion Middleware, expand Identity and Access, if necessary. Instances of Oracle Internet Directory are listed.

  4. Select the Oracle Internet Directory component to manage.

  5. From the Oracle Internet Directory menu, select Security, then Audit Policy.

  6. From the Audit Level list, select Custom to configure your own filters.

  7. Under User Sessions, User Logins, enable Failure.

  8. Click the Edit Filter icon next to the Failure item you enabled. The Edit Filter dialog for the filter appears.

  9. From the Condition list, select Initiator.

    From the list to the right, select -eq.

    In the text box to the right, enter the name of the administrative user that you used when logging in, for example, weblogic.

  10. Click the Add icon.

  11. Click OK.

  12. Click Apply to save the changes.

  13. To obtain a report of your current settings, click Export. Save the report to a file.

  14. Open the file in a text editor, such as Wordpad and view the audit configuration you just created.