What's New in This Guide for Release

This guide has been updated in several ways. The following table lists the sections that have been added or changed.

For a list of known issues (release notes), see the "Known Issues for for Oracle SOA Products and Oracle AIA Foundation Pack" at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/docs/soa-aiafp-knownissuesindex-364630.html.

Sections Changes Made February 2013

Chapter 4 Creating and Using Views


Section, "Tips for Excel Views"

Section added to describe tips for creating macros in Excel views.


Section 4.9.2, "Creating the Surface Prompts View"

Paragraph added to describe how to change the text for the System DateTime prompt.


Chapter 5 Manipulating Data in Views


Section 5.1, "Filtering Data"

Paragraphs expanded to describe new datetime field display and comparison options.


Chapter 8 Using Prompts and Parameters


Section 8.1.2, "Using System Date/Time Parameters"

Section added to describe how to use the System DateTime as a parameter.


Section 8.4, "Creating Prompts"

Paragraphs added to describe how to use the System DateTime in a datetime prompt.