Welcome to Oracle Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces. This guide describes the runtime behavior of the Spaces application. Much of this information also applies to WebCenter Portal: Framework applications, though it is written with Spaces application users in mind. (For information about WebCenter Portal: Framework applications, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle WebCenter Portal.)

This guide provides instructions for such tasks as creating a company, team, or departmental portal; creating, populating, and managing portal pages; and working with services and portlets.


This guide depicts the application user interface (UI) in screenshots. Users can apply different templates to the application UI to adjust its look and feel; therefore, your view of the application may differ somewhat from the views depicted in screenshots.


This document is intended for WebCenter Portal: Spaces application users who are interested in creating online communities centering around a group project or a shared area of interest. It is also intended for business developers interested in creating enterprise mashups through runtime component wiring.

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