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What's New

Part I Getting Started with WebCenter Portal: Spaces

1 Introducing WebCenter Portal: Spaces

2 Leveraging Content Management

3 Leveraging Social and Collaborative Services

4 Accessing Spaces Administration Pages

Part II Designing a Portal or Community

5 Configuring Global Defaults

6 Configuring Services, Portlet Producers, and External Applications

7 Administering Portal Pages

8 Customizing Task Flows at Runtime

Part III Personalizing Your Portal

9 Using Personalization for WebCenter Portal

Part IV Building a Portal or Community

10 Creating a Look and Feel

11 Working with the Resources that Compose a Portal or Community

12 Working with Navigation

13 Working with Page Templates

14 Working with Skins

15 Working with Page Styles

16 Working with Resource Catalogs

Part V Working with Pages

17 Creating and Managing Pages

18 Editing a Page

19 Working with Web Development Components on a Page

20 Working with Layout Components on a Page

21 Adding Spaces Components to a Page or Page Template

22 Wiring Pages, Task Flows, Portlets, and UI Components

Part VI Securing Your Portal

23 Understanding Security

24 Managing Users, Roles, and Permissions

25 Enabling Self-Registration

26 Securing Pages and Components

Part VII Working with Multilanguage Portals

27 Working with Multilanguage Portals

Part VIII Creating and Managing Portlets and Task Flows at Runtime

28 Understanding Portlet Basics

29 Creating Business Mashups

30 Working with OmniPortlet

31 Working with the Web Clipping Portlet

Part IX Organizing Your Collaborative and Social Networking Environment

32 Exploring the Home Space

33 Managing Your Profile

34 Creating Your Social Network

35 Tracking Your Connections' Activities

36 Posting and Managing Messages and Feedback

37 Liking, Commenting On, and Sharing Objects

38 Setting Your Personal Preferences

39 Setting Up Your Personal Subscriptions and Notifications

40 Creating and Managing Your Personal Favorites

Part X Working with Content

41 Introduction to Adding and Managing Content

42 Publishing Content Using Content Presenter

43 Working with the Documents Service Task Flows and Document Components

44 Setting Documents Service Task Flow and Document Component Properties

45 Working with Workflow-Enabled Content

46 Creating and Managing Content at Runtime

47 Collaborating on Documents

48 Working with Microsoft Office and Explorer Integration

49 Working with Wiki Documents

50 Working with Blogs

Part XI Planning and Building a Space

51 Understanding Space Basics

52 Working with Space Templates

53 Managing a Space

54 Managing Space Members and Roles

55 Administering Spaces and Templates

56 Working with a Space Hierarchy

Part XII Analyzing and Monitoring Your Portal

57 Analyzing Usage and Performance Metrics

Part XIII Searching WebCenter and Other Sources

58 Working with the Search Service

59 Working with the Tags Service

Part XIV Gathering Intelligence Based on Activities

60 Working with the Activity Graph Service

Part XV Services: Announcements through Links

61 Working with the Announcements Service

62 Working with the Discussions Service

63 Working with the Events Service

64 Working with the Instant Messaging and Presence Service (IMP)

65 Working with the Links Service

Part XVI Services: Lists through Worklist

66 Working with the Lists Service

67 Working with the Mail Service

68 Working with the Notes Service

69 Working with the Polls Service

70 Working with the RSS Service

71 Working with the Recent Activities Service

72 Working with the Worklist Service

Part XVII Appendices

A Spaces User Interface URLs

B Expression Language (EL) Expressions

C Business Mashup Examples