This tutorial introduces you to Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces, a powerful platform for self-service portal creation and management as well as social collaboration. Developed using the Framework and services in Oracle WebCenter Portal, Spaces allows you to quickly and easily build a custom application that supports business users in all their daily tasks: collaborating with people, sharing knowledge via documents, messaging, organizing groups, scheduling events via calendar, and so on. In addition, this document explains how to use Spaces to operate within a space, a key offering designed to help small groups share information and interact in a collaborative setting.


This document is intended for users wishing to familiarize themselves with Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces. While the bulk of the tutorial is geared toward business users, there are some set-up tasks that must be completed by an administrator so that users can work through the tutorial successfully. These steps are documented in Chapter 1, "Preparing for the Tutorial."

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