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Oracle® Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle B2B
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E10229-10
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15 Purging Data

This chapter describes how to use the Oracle B2B interface to purge design metadata and instance data.

The chapter contains the following topics:

See the following for alternate methods of purging:


Archiving is required before purging data. Purging is an irreversible operation. Ensure that you first archive any important data.

15.1 Purging Design Metadata and Instance Data

Use the Oracle B2B interface to purge design metadata and instance data. Design metadata contains partner profile data, identifiers, document definitions, channels, and agreements. When you purge this data, predefined data that is part of the installation (the host trading partner name, protocols, and identification types, for example) is not purged. Instance data is created during run time when messages are processed. Instance, or run-time, data contains the business messages and message-related data.

Specific instance data can be purged from the Business Message tab of the Reports link. See Section 18.1.2, "Purging Messages," for more information.

Purging does not remove artifacts that B2B creates in the Credential Store, such as passwords. See Oracle Fusion Middleware Security Guide for more information about the Credential Store.

With an instance message purge, you can optionally purge control number information. Control numbers are used in EDI (X12 and EDIFACT) and HL7 message standards. B2B keeps track of control numbers for inbound and outbound messages. For outbound messages, B2B generates the control numbers in a sequence from an internal control number table. Because purging instance data and control numbers resets the sequence (the control number table is reset), an outbound message after a purge may have the same control number as a message before the purge. If this is undesirable, do not purge control numbers.

Purging is useful for:

To purge design metadata or instance data:

  1. Click the Administration tab, and then the Purge tab.

  2. (Optional if purging instance data.) Select Purge Control Number to reset the sequence.

  3. Click Purge Design Metadata or Purge Instance Data, as shown in Figure 15-1.

    Figure 15-1 Purging Design Metadata or Instance Data

    Description of Figure 15-1 follows
    Description of "Figure 15-1 Purging Design Metadata or Instance Data"

    If you select Purge Design Metadata, then the message Do you want to delete all the design metadata from the repository permanently? appears.

    If you select Purge Instance Data, then the message Do you want to delete all the runtime data from the repository permanently? appears.

  4. Click Yes.