Public classAnalyticsLexer
Public classAnalyticsParser
Public classAnalyticsParserTokenTypes
Public classAnalyticsQuery
An AnalyticsQuery is an ordered list of Statement objects.
Public classCoalesceList
CoalesceList instances represent a list of expressions used to return the the first non-null value in the list. These coalesce expressions are objects of type IExpr.
Public classExprAggregate
Instances of the ExprAggregate class represent aggregate functions over the members of the associated aggregated record.
Public classExprAggregate..::..ExprAggregateOp
Enumeration of Endeca aggregate functions.
Public classExprBinary
An ExprBinary is a type of IExpr that represents a binary scalar expression. These expressions provide a full range of mathematical functions, such as addition and subtraction operators.
Public classExprBinary..::..ExprBinaryOp
Enumeration of Endeca mathematical operators.
Public classExprCoalesce
ExprCoalesce instances represent a coalesce expression holding multiple keys. The keys can be evaluated over the associated records, and the first non-null value is computed for each record.
Public classExprConstant
Instances of ExprConstant represent constants.
Public classExprFunction
ExprFunction instances represent unary scalar function expressions.
Public classExprFunction..::..ExprFunctionOp
Enumeration of Endeca unary scalar functions.
Public classExprKey
Instances of ExprKey represent record field names. The fields are Endeca properties or dimensions.
Public classExprLookup
ExprLookup instances represent an access to a derived property of a record in a foreign table.
Public classFilterAnd
A FilterAnd is a IFilter implementing a Boolean n-way AND operation.
Public classFilterCompare
A FilterCompare is a type of IFilter that performs a value comparison.
Public classFilterCompare..::..FilterCompareOp
Enumeration of Endeca comparison operators.
Public classFilterIn
A FilterIn is an IFilter that checks membership of a given set of values in a table. The membership is checked with a set of lookup expressions in a LookupList that is set in the FilterIn.
Public classFilterNot
A FilterNot is an IFilter implementing a Boolean NOT operation. The filter evaluates to true for a given record if its child filter evaluates to false for that record.
Public classFilterOr
A FilterOr is an IFilter implementing a Boolean n-way OR operation.
Public classGroupBy
A GroupBy defines a single dimension of record grouping for a containing Statement operation.
Public classGroupByList
A GroupByList is a list of GroupBy instances.
Public classLookupList
LookupList instances represent a list of expressions used to uniquely identify a record in a table (foreign or local). These lookup expressions are objects of type IExpr.
Public classOrderBy
An OrderBy defines an ordering on a set of records, based on the natural ordering of the specified field.
Public classOrderByList
An OrderByList is a list of OrderBy instances.
Public classSelect
A Select operation represents the assignment of a named derived value to a record produced as the result of a Statement.
Public classSelectList
A SelectList is a list of Select expressions.
Public classStatement
A Statement represents a pass over a set of input records (those of the FROM table) to generate a set of output records.
Public classSyntaxException
Analytics Syntax Exception representing an error due to a malformed query.
Public classTestAnalyticsParser


Public interfaceIExpr
IExpr is the interface for various types of composable Select derived property expressions.
Public interfaceIFilter
IFilter is the interface for various types of composable record filter operators.
Public interfaceIObjectList
IObjectList is an interface for handling a collection of objects.
Public interfaceIQueryNode
IQueryNode is the interface for all parts of an Endeca Analytics query.