An AnalyticsQuery is an ordered list of Statement objects.

Namespace: Endeca.Navigation.Analytics
Assembly: Endeca.Navigation (in Endeca.Navigation.dll) Version: (


public class AnalyticsQuery : IObjectList, 
Visual Basic
Public Class AnalyticsQuery _
	Implements IObjectList, IQueryNode
Visual C++
public ref class AnalyticsQuery : IObjectList, 


After creation, the AnalyticsQuery object is set in an ENEQuery object via the AnalyticsQuery setter property.

When the query is executed on the MDEX Engine, each Statement transforms an input set of records into a resulting stream of aggregated records. Each Statement operates on the record set produced by some previous Statement, or on the records in the Navigation State, or on all the records in the MDEX Engine. Note that each Statement in the AnalyticsQuery must have a unique name.

Users can construct an AnalyticsQuery with either the programmatic interface or a text-based syntax. Much of the text-based syntax is based on a subset of the SQL language. Use the parseQuery(String) parser method to create an AnalyticsQuery from the String representation of the query. For example, if str is a String that has been initialized to a valid query, then the statement:

AnalyticsQuery analytics = AnalyticsQuery.parseQuery(str);
creates an AnalyticsQuery when the str query is parsed.

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