The Statement type exposes the following members.


Public propertyFirstPage
Gets the first row-number requested.
Public propertyFromStatementName
Gets and sets the name of the FROM Statement.
Public propertyGroupByList
Gets and sets the GroupByList for this Statement.
Public propertyHavingFilter
Gets and sets the HAVING clause for this Statement.
Public propertyName
Gets and sets the name of the current Statement.
Public propertyOrderByList
Gets and sets the OrderByList for this Statement.
Public propertyPaged
Tests whether this Statement is paged.
Public propertyPagesRequested
Gets the number of pages requested.
Public propertySelectList
Gets and sets the list of Select expressions for this Statement.
Public propertyShown
Gets and sets whether the Statement is a Return or DefineStatement.
Public propertyWhereFilter
Gets and sets the WHERE clause for this Statement.

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