Provides an interface for Endeca Analytics queries.


Interface Summary
Expr Expr is the base class for various types of composable expressions (that is, definitions of derived properties and table lookup parameters).
Filter Filter is the interface for various types of composable record filter operators.
QueryNode QueryNode is the interface for all parts of an Analytics query.

Class Summary
AnalyticsQuery An AnalyticsQuery is an ordered list of Statement objects.
CoalesceList CoalesceList instances represent a list of expressions used to return the the first non-null value in the list.
ExprAggregate Instances of the ExprAggregate class represent aggregate functions over the members of the associated aggregated record.
ExprAggregate.ExprAggregateOp Enumeration of Endeca aggregate functions.
ExprBinary An ExprBinary is a type of Expr that represents a binary scalar expression.
ExprBinary.ExprBinaryOp Enumeration of Endeca mathematical operators.
ExprCoalesce ExprCoalesce instances represent a coalesce expression holding multiple keys.
ExprConstant Instances of ExprConstant represent constants.
ExprFunction ExprFunction instances represent unary scalar function expressions.
ExprFunction.ExprFunctionOp Enumeration of Endeca unary scalar functions.
ExprKey Instances of ExprKey represent record field names.
ExprLookup ExprLookup instances represent an access to a derived property of a record in a foreign table.
FilterAnd A FilterAnd is a Filter implementing a Boolean n-way AND operation.
FilterCompare A FilterCompare is a type of Filter that performs a value comparison.
FilterCompare.FilterCompareOp Enumeration of Endeca comparison operators.
FilterIn A FilterIn is a Filter that checks membership of a given set of values in a table.
FilterNot A FilterNot is a Filter implementing a Boolean NOT operation.
FilterOr A FilterOr is a Filter implementing a Boolean n-way OR operation.
GroupBy A GroupBy defines a single dimension of record grouping for a containing Statement operation.
GroupByList A GroupByList is a list of GroupBy instances, each of which represent a single dimension of record grouping.
LookupList LookupList instances represent a list of expressions used to uniquely identify a record in a table (foreign or local).
OrderBy An OrderBy defines an ordering on a set of records, based on the natural ordering of the specified field.
OrderByList An OrderByList is a list of OrderBy instances.
Select A Select operation represents the assignment of a named derived value to a record produced as the result of a Statement.
SelectList A SelectList is a list of Select expressions.
Statement A Statement represents a pass over a set of input records (those of the FROM table) to generate a set of output records.

Exception Summary
SyntaxException Analytics Syntax Exception representing an error due to a malformed query.

Package Description

Provides an interface for Endeca Analytics queries.

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