The NavigationCommandFormatter type exposes the following members.


Gets the mapping of keys to IDimensionValuePathFormatters. These are the formatters that will be applied to indvidual DimensionValuePaths when Format(CommandInfoCollection, ResultResolver, IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer) is called. The key should be either root Dimension name, or root Dimension id, depending on whether the UseDimensionNameAsKey property has been set. This formatter would apply to all selected dimension values within the specified dimension.
The command identifier for the NavigationCommand. If specified as null, then the first NavigationCommand contained within the CommandInfoCollection will be formatted.
Gets or sets the separator to use between formatted DimensionValuePaths. For example if there are registered IDimensionValuePathFormatters for the Wine dimension and the Vintage dimension: [Wine-Red-Merlot][Separator][1992] The default separator is '/'
Specifies that dimension name (that is, the root dimension name) should be used as the key when looking up IDimensionValuePathFormatters, instead of root dimension value id. Set to "false" by default.

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