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EMCartItem Class Reference

Inherits EMModel.

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithItem:quantity:
(BOOL) - inStock

Protected Attributes

NSUInteger _quantity
NSUInteger _quantityMaximum
BOOL _quantityEditable
BOOL _giftWrappable
NSMutableArray * _giftWrapOptions
NSMutableArray * _giftMessageFields


NSUInteger quantity
NSUInteger quantityMaximum
BOOL quantityEditable
BOOL giftWrappable
NSMutableArray * giftWrapOptions
NSMutableArray * giftMessageFields

Property Documentation

- (NSMutableArray*) giftMessageFields [read, write, retain]

An array of EMTextFieldModel objects.

- (EMGiftWrap*) giftWrap [read, write, retain]

The EMGiftWrap object, if gift wrap has been applied to this item

- (NSMutableArray*) giftWrapOptions [read, write, retain]

An array of EMGiftWrapOption objects.

- (EMProduct*) item [read, write, copy]

The item.

- (NSUInteger) quantity [read, write, assign]

The quantity of products on this cart item.

- (BOOL) quantityEditable [read, write, assign]

Returns true if the quantity of this line item can be edited. Default = YES.

- (NSUInteger) quantityMaximum [read, write, assign]

The maximum quantity available, or that can be purchased.

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