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EMFacetResult Class Reference

#import <EMFacetValue.h>

Inherits NSObject.

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithName:
(id) - initWithName:values:
(id) - initWithName:values:total:
(id) - initWithName:values:total:ancestors:

Protected Attributes

NSString * _facetName
NSString * _facetId
NSMutableArray * _facetValues
NSInteger _totalFacetValues
NSMutableArray * _ancestors
BOOL _collapsed
EMFacetResultMultiSelect _multiSelect
NSInteger _numberOfSelectedFacetValues


NSString * facetName
NSString * facetId
NSMutableArray * facetValues
NSInteger totalFacetValues
NSMutableArray * ancestors
BOOL collapsed
EMFacetResultMultiSelect multiSelect
NSInteger numberOfSelectedFacetValues

Detailed Description

Like a refinement dimension in Endeca

Property Documentation

- (NSMutableArray*) ancestors [read, write, retain]

An array of EMFacetValue objects.

- (BOOL) collapsed [read, write, assign]

Setting this flag instructs the view to hide / collapse the values for an accordian affect.

Default = NO.

- (NSString*) facetId [read, write, retain]

The id of the facet

- (NSString*) facetName [read, write, retain]

The name of the facet

- (NSMutableArray*) facetValues [read, write, retain]

An array of EMFacetValue objects

- (EMFacetResultMultiSelect) multiSelect [read, write, assign]

The type of multi-select behavior supported by this facet result.

Default = EMFacetResultMultiSelectNone.

- (NSInteger) numberOfSelectedFacetValues [read, write, assign]

Returns the number of EMFacetValues in this result that have a value of YES for the selected property. This number is only the initial number returned by the search API. This value is not affected when the initial value of the selected property is modified on a EMFacetValue object contained in this object.

Default = 0.

- (NSInteger) totalFacetValues [read, write, assign]

Since the EMFacetConfiguration can specify a limit on the number of EMFacetValue objects returned, this property gives the total number of EMFacetValue objects, which should be greater than or equal to the number actually returned. On the other hand, this may be set to zero to indicate that there are more facet values, but it is not known how many

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