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EMInfiniteGridView Class Reference

#import <EMInfiniteGridView.h>

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Public Member Functions

(void) - reloadData
(id) - initWithDataSource:maxItems:

Static Public Member Functions

(id) + viewWithDataSource:maxItems:

Protected Attributes

NSInteger _maxItems
NSInteger _pageSize
NSInteger _preloadOffset
BOOL _reloadingGridView
id< EMPageableDataSource_dataSource
id< EMInfiniteGridViewDelegate_delegate


id< EMPageableDataSourcedataSource
id< EMInfiniteGridViewDelegatedelegate
NSInteger maxItems
NSInteger pageSize
NSInteger preloadOffset

Detailed Description

The EMInfiniteGridView contains an EMGridView and is powered off of an EMPageableDataSource.

Member Function Documentation

- (void) reloadData

Call this to reloadGrid

Property Documentation

- (NSInteger) maxItems [read, write, assign]

Can be used to limit the number of items, even if the datasource contains more than the maxItems

- (NSInteger) pageSize [read, write, assign]

This sets the number of objects to load at a time. Defaults to 12. However, the first page of records is loaded by object source, so the first page of results is configured elsewhere

- (NSInteger) preloadOffset [read, write, assign]

The infinite scroller will start loading the next page at when the table view loads the cell at this offset from the last cell. Defaults to 8.

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