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EMSearchQueryInfiniteScrollController Class Reference

#import <EMSearchQueryInfiniteScrollController.h>

Inherits EMInfiniteScrollController.

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithSearchQueryDataSource:maxItems:
(void) - showEmptyQueryOverlay:
(void) - showNoResultsOverlay:
(void) - showNoConnectionOverlay:
(void) - showLoadingOverlay:
(void) - adjustRightBarButtonItem
(EMTypeaheadDataSource *) - keywordsSource
(UIViewController *) - facetsController

Protected Attributes

NSArray * _sortOptions
BOOL _showSortBarAlways
NSString * _searchKey
BOOL _searchWithin
BOOL _showSearchBar
BOOL _showBreadcrumbs
BOOL _showSearchBarCancelButton
BOOL _showSearchBarOnNavBar
BOOL _analyticsEnabled
BOOL _showResultsForEmptyQuery
BOOL _showFacetsForEmptyQuery
BOOL _pushDetailPageOnSingleResult
NSInteger _itemCellHeight
BOOL _showingFilterView
BOOL _reloadTableData
BOOL _didAppear
BOOL _showingKeyboard
BOOL _cancellingKeyboard
NSString * _previousSearchBarText
TTView * _sortBar
UISegmentedControl * _sortControl
UIView * _emptyQueryOverlay
UIView * _noResultsOverlay
UIView * _noConnectionOverlay
UIView * _loadingOverlay
UILabel * _errorLabel
UILabel * _noResultsLabel
BOOL _searchBarFirstResponderEnabled


NSArray * sortOptions
BOOL showSortBarAlways
NSString * searchKey
BOOL searchWithin
BOOL showSearchBar
BOOL showBreadcrumbs
BOOL showSearchBarCancelButton
BOOL showSearchBarOnNavBar
BOOL analyticsEnabled
BOOL showResultsForEmptyQuery
BOOL showFacetsForEmptyQuery
BOOL pushDetailPageOnSingleResult
UIView * emptyQueryOverlay
UIView * noResultsOverlay
UIView * noConnectionOverlay
UIView * loadingOverlay
BOOL searchBarFirstResponderEnabled
int itemCellHeight

Detailed Description

Subclasses should make sure to implement an init method, or else the NSCoding will not work.

Member Function Documentation

Exposing this to give subclasses access. Adds the [Filter] button to the right nav bar spot if the Filter button should be displayed.

Subclassess may override this method to provide their own facet selection controller.

Defaults to EMSearchQueryFacetsController.

Subclasses should provide a keywordsSource implementation.

Defaults to an empty EMDynamicKeywordsDataSource.

Member Data Documentation

Data sources

- (BOOL) _showingFilterView [protected]

Internal variables

- (TTView*) _sortBar [protected]

User Interface Elements

- (NSArray*) _sortOptions [protected]

Configuration Options

Property Documentation

- (BOOL) analyticsEnabled [read, write, assign]

Default = NO.

- (EMSearchQueryDataSource *) dataSource [read, write, retain]

Convenience method for casting the objectSource to a EMSearchQueryDataSource

- (UIView *) emptyQueryOverlay [read, assign]

User Interface Elements

- (int) itemCellHeight [read, write, assign]

Sets the item cell height. Defaults to [[EMConfiguration viewConfig] listCellHeight]

- (BOOL) pushDetailPageOnSingleResult [read, write, assign]

Default = NO.

- (EMSearchQuery *) query [read, write, retain]

Convenience method for accessing the dataSource's query

- (EMSearchBar*) searchBar [read, assign]

User Interface Element

- (BOOL) searchBarFirstResponderEnabled [read, write, assign]

Setting this to true will open the search bar properly after the view has been created and initialized

- (NSString*) searchKey [read, write, retain]

The search key to use when creating EMSearch objects to add the the EMSearchQuery.

Default = nil.

- (BOOL) searchWithin [read, write, assign]

If searchWithin is set to YES, a new search will no remove applied facets. Otherwise, a new search removes applied facets.

Default = NO.

- (BOOL) showBreadcrumbs [read, write, assign]

Default = YES.

- (BOOL) showFacetsForEmptyQuery [read, write, assign]

Default = YES.

- (BOOL) showResultsForEmptyQuery [read, write, assign]

Default = NO.

- (BOOL) showSearchBar [read, write, assign]

Default = YES.

- (BOOL) showSearchBarCancelButton [read, write, assign]

Default = NO.

- (BOOL) showSearchBarOnNavBar [read, write, assign]

Default = NO.

- (BOOL) showSortBarAlways [read, write, assign]

If this flag is set to YES, the sortBar will be displayed in the main view the results load. If the flag is set to NO, the sortBar will be displayed above the fold, until the user pulls down on the table view controller.

Default = NO;

- (NSArray*) sortOptions [read, write, retain]

An array of EMSort objects. Setting this will cause the sort bar to appear. Re-setting this will re-create the sort bar with the new options

The sort bar will not be displayed if there are zero products displayed

Default = nil;

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