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Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1
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1.  Introduction to Administering the Geographic Edition Software

Geographic Edition Administration

Geographic Edition Administration Tools

Command-Line Interface

Analyzing the Application for Suitability

2.  Before You Begin

3.  Administering the Geographic Edition Infrastructure

4.  Administering Access and Security

5.  Administering Cluster Partnerships

6.  Administering Heartbeats

7.  Administering Protection Groups

8.  Monitoring and Validating the Geographic Edition Software

9.  Customizing Switchover and Takeover Actions

10.  Script-Based Plug-Ins

A.  Standard Geographic Edition Properties

B.  Legal Names and Values of Geographic Edition Entities

C.  Disaster Recovery Administration Example

D.  Takeover Postconditions

E.  Troubleshooting Geographic Edition Software

F.  Deployment Example: Replicating Data With MySQL

G.  Error Return Codes for Script-Based Plug-Ins


Chapter 1

Introduction to Administering the Geographic Edition Software

Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition (Geographic Edition) software protects applications from unexpected disruptions by using multiple clusters that are geographically separated. These clusters contain identical copies of the Geographic Edition infrastructure, which manage replicated data between the clusters. Geographic Edition software is a layered extension of the Oracle Solaris Cluster software.

This chapter contains the following sections: