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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Man Page Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E28967-01
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manages a DSCC agent instance.


dsccagent  subcommand [global_options] [subcommand_options] [subcommand_operands]


The dsccagent command is used to create, delete, start, and stop DSCC agent instances on the local system. You can also use the dsccagent command to display status and DSCC agent information, and to enable and disable SNMP monitoring. Use the dsccagent command with the subcommands described in this man page:


The following subcommands are supported:

dsccagent create [-i] [-p PORT] [-w FILE] [AGENT_PATH]

Creates a DSCC agent instance.

dsccagent delete [AGENT_PATH]

Deletes a DSCC agent instance.

dsccagent disable-service [AGENT_PATH]

Unregisters the DSCC agent instance as a service. Available on Solaris and Windows.

dsccagent disable-snmp [AGENT_PATH]

Unconfigures the SNMP agent of a DSCC agent instance.

dsccagent enable-service [AGENT_PATH]

Registers the DSCC agent instance as a service. Available on Solaris and Windows.

dsccagent enable-snmp [--v3] [--snmp-port SNMP_PORT] [--ds-port DS_PORT] [AGENT_PATH]

Configures a DSCC agent instance as SNMP agent.

dsccagent info [AGENT_PATH]

Displays the DSCC agent instance status and some configuration information.

dsccagent start [AGENT_PATH]

Start a DSCC agent instance. The DSCC agent will be able to start if it was registered in the DSCC registry, or if the SNMP agent is enabled.

dsccagent stop [AGENT_PATH]

Stops a DSCC agent instance.

Global Options

The following options apply to all commands and subcommands:


Display usage for the command or for the specified subcommand.


Displays the current version of dsccagent. The version is provided in the format year.monthday.time. So version number 2009.0601.0035 was built on June 1st, 2009 at 00h35. If the components used by dsccagent are not aligned, the version of each individual component is displayed.


Display extra information for debugging purposes.

Subcommand Options

The following options apply to the subcommands where they are specified:

--ds-port DS_PORT

Use DS_PORT for traffic from Directory Servers to agent. (Default is 3995 or random.)

-i, --no-inter

Does not prompt for password.

-p PORT, --port PORT

Specifies DSCC agent port. (Default: 3997)

--snmp-port SNMP_PORT

Use SNMP_PORT for SNMP traffic. (Default is 3996 or random.)


Use SNMP version 3.

-w FILE, --pwd-file FILE

Reads the DSCC agent password from PWD_FILE. (Default: prompt for pwd)



Path of the DSCC agent instance. (Default: INSTALL_DIR/var/dcc/agent).

Exit Status

The following exit status values are returned:


Successful completion


An error occurred.


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:



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