WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IMessageConsumer Interface

A client uses an IMessageConsumer object to receive messages from a destination. An IMessageConsumer object is created by passing an IDestination object to a message-consumer creation method supplied by a session.

A message consumer can be created with a message selector. A message selector allows the client to restrict the messages delivered to the message consumer to those that match the selector.

A client may either synchronously receive a message consumer's messages or have the consumer asynchronously deliver them as they arrive.

For synchronous receipt, a client can request the next message from a message consumer using one of its Receive methods. There are several variations of Receive that allow a client to poll or wait for the next message.

For asynchronous delivery, a client can register a MessageEventHandler object with a message consumer. As messages arrive at the message consumer, it delivers them by calling the MessageEventHandler's mesage event handler method.

It is a client programming error for a MessageEventHandler to throw an exception.

For a list of all members of this type, see IMessageConsumer Members.



A message consumer's Message event allows only single listener and only the last registered listener will be used for notification. All of the old listeners will not be notified of the event.


Namespace: WebLogic.Messaging

Assembly: WebLogic.Messaging (in WebLogic.Messaging.dll)

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