WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IMessageConsumer Members

IMessageConsumer overview

Public Instance Properties

MessageSelectorGets this message consumer's message selector expression as a string.
Session Retrieves the parent Session object for the current consumer as an ISession.

Public Instance Methods

CloseCloses the message consumer. Since JMS allocates some resources on behalf of a IMessageConsumer outside the .NET CLR, clients should Close them when they are not needed. Relying on garbage collection to eventually reclaim these resources may not be timely enough. There is no need to close a message consumer if the consumer's parent session or connection is closed, or if its parent context has been closed with CloseAll. This call blocks until a Receive or message listener in progress has completed. A blocked message consumer Receive call returns null when this message consumer is closed.
ReceiveOverloaded. Receives the next message produced for this message consumer. This call blocks indefinitely until a message is produced, the connection is stopped, or until this message consumer is closed. If this Receive is done within a transaction, the consumer retains the message until the transaction commits or rolls back.
ReceiveNoWaitReceives the next message if one is immediately available.

Public Instance Events

MessageGets the message consumer's MessageEventHandler.

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