14 Working with Content Folders

Folders are used to organize and control access to documents, as well as associate the appropriate metadata with documents. This chapter describes how to create, secure, modify, and delete folders. It has the following topics:

14.1 About Folders

Folders and subfolders are created to provide additional levels of organization and security within the context of a library. Like libraries, folders help to determine what metadata fields are associated with a document, can help in assigning values to the metadata automatically, and can add a layer of security. For detailed information on Libraries and Folders, see Chapter 5 and Chapter 6.

Folders mimic the behavior of the library they are in. By default, documents uploaded to a folder inherit the metadata fields and security defined for a folder, as well as any default metadata values defined for the folder.

14.2 Working With Folders

Folders behave much like libraries, as libraries are the top-most level of a folder hierarchy. Some tasks are identical when working with folders or libraries. Table 14-1 lists the appropriate sections necessary to do the specified tasks. What tasks are available to you is dependent on the permissions you have for a folder.

Table 14-1 Links to Procedures for Libraries

To do this... ...see this section

Create a folder

Section 14.4, "Creating Folders"

View and edit folder properties

Section 13.3, "Viewing and Editing Document Library Properties"

Propagate folder metadata

Section 13.4, "Propagating Library Metadata"

Share a folder

Section 13.5, "Sharing Document Libraries"

Follow a folder

Section 13.6, "Following Document Libraries"

Create folder shortcuts

Section 13.7, "Creating Library Shortcuts"

14.3 Finding Folders

Folders typically exist in Oracle WebCenter Content within the context of a library. Once a library is selected, folders within the library are listed in the side bar and you can browse to the folder you need.

You can also enter search criteria to search for specific folders. For information on searching for specific folders, see Section 9.4, Section 9.5, and Section 9.7.


The folder search box in the side bar always searches the selected library. In contrast, the banner search box can search for folders across multiple libraries.

14.4 Creating Folders

Folders are created within the context of a library, inheriting the properties of the parent library by default. Once a folder is created, you can update the folder properties. To create a folder:

  1. On the Find Documents page, navigate to the library in which you want the folder. The folder list is displayed in the side bar.

  2. Right-click the library or folder in which you want to create a new folder, and select Create Folder from the contextual menu, or click the Create Folder icon above the folder hierarchy in the side bar.

  3. Enter a unique name and description for the folder on the Create Folder page and click OK.


    It is a good idea to select a unique name for any folder that you create as in most cases you cannot have multiple folders with the same name. The name of a folder should be unique within the context of the library or folder in which it is created.

14.5 Deleting Folders

Deleting folders deletes all folders and documents in the folder and all shortcuts to the folder. To delete a folder in an enterprise library you must have Read, Write, and Delete permissions to the folder.

In addition to having permission to delete a folder, you must also have permissions to delete each item in the folder. When deleting a folder, Oracle WebCenter Content begins by deleting the items (folders, documents, shortcuts, and saved searches) in the folder. If you do not have permissions to delete certain items, then only the items you do have proper permissions for are deleted. The items you don't have permission to delete are left, and consequently the folder those items are in remain also.


Folder shortcuts can be deleted using the same procedure for deleting folders. Deleting a shortcut does not delete the folder.

To delete a folder, right-click the folder in the Folders list of the side bar and select Delete from the contextual menu.