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What's New and Changed in This Guide

Part I Getting Started with Oracle WebCenter Content

1 Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Content

2 Accessing and Navigating Oracle WebCenter Content

3 Understanding Content Management

4 Understanding Documents and Document Properties

5 Understanding Libraries

6 Understanding Folders

7 Understanding Document Workflows

Part II Using the WebCenter Content User Interface with Oracle WebCenter Content

8 Getting Started with the WebCenter Content User interface

9 Finding Libraries, Folders, and Documents

10 Viewing Documents

11 Uploading and Checking In Documents

12 Checking Out and Downloading Documents

13 Working with Libraries

14 Working with Content Folders

15 Using Workflows

Part III Using the Native 11g User Interface with Oracle WebCenter Content

16 Getting Started with the Native 11g User Interface

17 Finding Documents

18 Viewing Documents

19 Uploading Documents

20 Checking Out and Downloading Files

21 Working with Content Folders

22 Grouping Documents Using Folios

23 Using Workflows

24 Working with Images and Videos

25 Working with Records

Part IV Using Other Ways to Work with WebCenter Content

26 Accessing Managed Content Directly from Within Your Desktop Applications

27 Working with WebCenter Content from Mobile Devices