3 Creating and Configuring a Microsoft SQL Server Database

Use this chapter to set up a SQL Server database for your WebCenter Sites installation.

This chapter contains the following section:

3.1 Creating and Configuring a SQL Server 2008 R2 or 2012 Database

  1. Use the Windows Account Manager to create a new user account for the WebCenter Sites database user (for example, csuser), and assign a password to the account.

  2. Open SQL Server Manager Studio.

  3. Log in to MS SQL Server:

    1. Enter your user name and password (the default user name is sa).

    2. Click Connect.

  4. Create the database:

    1. In the left-hand tree, expand the Databases node.

    2. Right-click the Databases node and select New Database from the pop-up menu.

    3. In the "New Database" window, enter a name for your database and click OK.

      Your newly created database appears under the Databases node in the tree.

  5. In the tree, expand the node representing your newly created database, then expand the Security node underneath it.

  6. Click the Users tab.

  7. Right-click within the white space underneath the list of existing users and select New User from the pop-up menu.

  8. In the "Database User - New" window, enter the user name of the WebCenter Sites database user (which you created in step 1 of this procedure) into the User name and Login name fields.

  9. In the "Owned Schemas" and "Role Members" areas, select the db_owner check box.

  10. Click OK.

    The database is created.

  11. After the database has been created, turn on the READ_COMMITED_SNAPSHOT as shown below. For more information, refer to the vendor documentation.

    ALTER DATABASE <your_db_name>
    ALTER DATABASE <your_db_name>

    Database configuration is complete.

  12. You are now ready to create and configure the data source using the user name and password of the WebCenter Sites database user you created in step 1 of this procedure. For instructions, refer to the Oracle Fusion Middleware WebCenter Sites Installation Guide.