5 Before You Upgrade to Community-Gadgets

Before upgrading to Oracle WebCenter Sites: Community-Gadgets, read this chapter to gain an understanding of the upgrade strategy and the prerequisite steps.

This chapter contains the following sections:

5.1 Planning the Upgrade Process

In a production environment, upgrades disrupt the operation of active systems and may result in extended downtime. To minimize such disruptions, Oracle highly recommends adopting the strategy outlined in this section when upgrading.


This guide uses the term "active" to denote any management and production servers that are currently serving widgets and whose unexpected downtime will affect business and productivity of the organization.

Before upgrading active Community and Gadgets environments, it is critical to perform a trial upgrade on a duplicate environment. The trial upgrade will help you detect and document system-specific issues and correct them in advance of the actual upgrade. If a duplicate environment is not available, start by upgrading the management and delivery (production) systems. Note that this approach is highly risky; it should not be attempted unless extended downtime is deemed acceptable.

5.2 Pre-Upgrade Steps

Before upgrading to Community-Gadgets, stop all application servers and back up your Community 11gR1 (, Gadgets 11gR1 (, and WebCenter Sites 11gR1 ( environments, as follows:


If you do not upgrade your Oracle WebCenter Sites installation to 11gR1 (, do not upgrade the Community and Gadgets applications. Community-Gadgets is supported only on WebCenter Sites 11gR1 (

  • Back up your current Community management and production cos.war or cos.ear files, and cas.war or cas.ear files.

  • Back up your current Gadgets management and production gas-admin.war, gas-os.war, gas-service.war, gas-client.war, and user-service.war files.

  • Back up the Community installation directory, the Gadgets installation directory, and the WebCenter Sites database (if it is not already backed up). In the post-upgrade process, you will use the backed-up installation directories and database to reapply the customizations they may contain.