16 Creating Custom Dashboards in Process Spaces

This chapter describes how to create and edit custom dashboards from within Oracle Business Process Management Process Spaces.

This chapter contains these topics:

16.1 Understanding Custom Dashboards in Process Spaces

Dashboards provide analytical information to monitor process execution as well as user workloads. They provide summary information.

From within Process Spaces, you can create and edit custom dashboards.

For information about custom dashboards and how they are created in Process Workspace, see Section 6.2, "Creating Custom Dashboards."

16.2 Creating a Custom Dashboard in Process Spaces

To develop a custom dashboard in Process Spaces, you use the Process Dashboard taskflow found in the WebCenter Portal Resource Catalog.

16.2.1 How to Create a Custom Dashboard in Process Spaces

You can create one or more custom dashboards in either a new or an existing custom page.

To create a custom dashboard in Process Spaces

  1. In the Process Workspace home page of Process Spaces, from the Actions list, select either Edit page or Create a new page.

  2. Click Add Content. The Add Content dialog appears.

  3. Open the Process Workspace Resources folder and add Process Dashboard. The Process Dashboard region now appears in Process Workspace.

  4. In the Process Dashboard region, click Edit. The Component Properties dialog box appears.

  5. In the Component Properties dialog box, next to the Widget ID field, select the spyglass icon. The Pick a Value dialog box appears.

  6. From the Pick a Value dialog box, you can either create a new data source or select an existing data source.

    • To create a new data source, in the Widget ID panel, select the Add icon. A Widget ID page appears in the right pane.

    • To select an existing data source, select from the list in the Widget ID panel. The corresponding page appears in the right pane.

    For information about specifying the data source, see Section 6.2.1, "Specifying Graph Content."

    Once you have selected and specified the data source, click Save and Close. This returns you to the Component Properties dialog box. The Widget Id field is now filled in with the value for the data source you just selected.

  7. Click OK. This returns you to the Process Dashboard region, which now contains the data source you just specified.


If the space containing the custom dashboard is shared between different users, then the custom dashboard is visible only to users with permission to see the data corresponding to that dashboard. You grant permissions for the data source from Process Workspace.