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What's New in This Guide for Release

1 Oracle Business Process Management Suite Overview

Part I Getting Started with Oracle Business Process Composer

2 Introduction to Oracle Business Process Composer

3 Walkthrough: Creating a Basic BPM Application

Part II Modeling and Testing Business Processes

4 Working with BPM Projects

5 Working with Processes and the Process Editor

6 Simulating Process Behavior

7 Using Process Player

8 Working with the Project Life Cycle

Part III Defining How Users Interact with Your Business Processes

9 Working with Web Forms

10 Working with Web Form Rules

11 Working with Human Tasks

Part IV Implementing and Deploying a BPM Project

12 Handling Data in Your Business Processes

13 Using Oracle Business Rules

14 Communicating with other Processes and Services

15 Deploying a BPM Project

Part V Performing Administrative Tasks Using Business Process Composer

16 Performing Administrative Tasks

A BPMN Flow Object Reference

B BPMN Flow Object Property Reference

C Web Form and Web Form Control Property Reference

D Web Form Rules Examples

E Preparing Processes for Import into BPMN

F The Sales Quote Example Process