17 Managing RSS

This chapter describes how to configure and manage RSS functionality for WebCenter Portal and Portal Framework applications.

This chapter includes the following topics:


To perform the tasks in this chapter, you must be granted the WebLogic Server Admin role through the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console and the Administrator role in the deployed application:

  • WebCenter Portal: Administrator role granted through Portal Builder Administration.

  • Portal Framework application: Administrator role granted through the Administration Console.

For more information about roles and permissions, see Section 1.8, "Understanding Administrative Operations, Roles, and Tools."

17.1 About RSS

The RSS functionality encompasses a RSS Viewer and RSS service that shows news feeds from various WebCenter Portal tools and services. The RSS Viewer enables users to view external news feeds from different web sites inside WebCenter Portal and Portal Framework applications. RSS also delivers content update information from various portal resources including recent activities, discussions, lists, and announcements.

17.2 RSS Prerequisites

RSS functionality does not require any back-end server. You do not need to set up a connection to use it. However, depending on your network configuration, you may need to set up a proxy server to enable WebCenter Portal or your Portal Framework application to display content from external RSS news feeds.

17.3 Setting Up a Proxy Server for External RSS News Feeds

To enable external RSS news feeds in WebCenter Portal or a Portal Framework application, you must set up a proxy server.

A proxy server is also required if you want to display external links in Activity Stream task flows. Both RSS and the activity stream share the same proxy server settings.

You can configure a proxy server by using either Fusion Middleware Control or WLST. For information, see Section 8.2.4, "Setting Up a Proxy Server."

17.4 Testing External RSS News Feed Connections

After setting up the proxy server for the RSS Viewer, you can test the connection to make sure you can access external RSS feeds.

To ensure the proxy server is accurately configured for the RSS Viewer:

  1. In WebCenter Portal or your Portal Framework application, add the RSS task flow to a page.

    For information about adding the RSS task flow and editing the URL, see the "Adding RSS News Feeds to a Portal" chapter in Oracle Fusion Middleware Building Portals with Oracle WebCenter Portal.

  2. Edit the RSS task flow and set the URL to an external RSS feed.

    For example:


    If the RSS feed displays correctly, proxy configuration is set up properly.