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What's New?

Who's Who

Part I Getting Started

1 Introduction to WebCenter Portal

2 Exploring WebCenter Portal

3 Setting Your Personal Preferences

4 Managing Your Profile

5 Creating and Managing Personal Pages

6 Searching for Information

7 Exploring Portals

8 Using WebCenter Portal Impersonation

Part II Connecting and Collaborating with Other Users

9 Managing Your Contacts

10 Using Instant Messaging and Presence Viewer

11 Sending and Viewing Mail

12 Working with Feedback and the Message Board

13 Liking, Commenting On, and Sharing Items in WebCenter Portal

14 Viewing and Participating in Discussions

15 Working with Wikis

16 Working with Blogs

Part III Working with Documents

17 Creating and Managing Documents

18 Collaborating on Documents

19 Working with Microsoft Office and Explorer Integration

Part IV Staying Informed

20 Getting Notified When Things Change

21 Exploring Recommendations and Content

22 Tracking Portal Activities

23 Working with Announcements

24 Working with Polls

25 Monitoring RSS Feeds

26 Exploring Your Worklists

Part V Staying Organized

27 Managing Your Favorites

28 Working with Calendars and Events

29 Managing Your Notes

30 Working with Lists

31 Linking Information in WebCenter Portal

32 Using Tags and Bookmarks