Class Summary
AnalyticsQueryConfig Allow an analytics query to be added to the QueryState.
BreadcrumbsConfig Configure how breadcrumbs will be returned on the QueryState's executed results.
EQLFilter This class makes it possible to set Endeca Query Language filters on a QueryState This filter is notably different from other implemented filter classes in that it does not merge its specified EQL filter with any other EQL filters that may already be specified on a query: it simply overwrites whatever EQL filter was previously specified.
ExposeRefinement Expose a refinement in a query.
NavConfig Configure the navigation on a query state.
NegativeRefinementFilter NegativeRefinementFilter provides a function for filtering out all records associated with a refinement.
QueryConfig A subclass of QueryFunction.
QueryFilter A subclass of QueryFunction.
QueryFunction The base class of all QueryFunctions.
RangeFilter This filter class allows range filters to be added to QueryState instances.
RecordAggregator This class makes it possible to set the rollup key for aggregate record queries on MDEX 6.
RecordFilter Permits adding a record filter to a QueryState.
RecordSpecListFilter Filter your MDEX query by a set of record specs.
RefinementFilter Defines a single refinement (essentially represents a DimVal and its path) to be added to a QueryState.
ResultsConfig Configure how results will be returned from the results of an executed QueryState.
ResultsSummaryConfig Configure the summarization of results returned from an executed QueryState.
SearchFilter Permits adding a keyword search to a QueryState.
SortConfig Allow a sort to be applied to records returned from an executed QueryState.

Enum Summary
RecordAggregator.AggregateCount Enum that parallels and abstracts the same constants in ENEQuery.

Exception Summary