Class Summary
AbstractMDEXStateManager An abstract base class for managing MDEXState changes.
DataSource DataSource instances encapsulate a connection to an MDEX Engine, a current QueryState on the connection, handles the logic of executing a query on an MDEX to get results, and handles the logic of altering the QueryState.
DefaultMDEXStateManager This is a simple implementation of MDEXStateManager covering a very simple parent-child relationship of data sources.
MDEXState Portlet developers should avoid this class.
MDEXStateRelationshipUtil Utility class providing convenient methods for navigating data source relationships, based on the use of the "parentDataSource" configuration property.
QueryResults An API-agnostic wrapper of query results.
QueryState QueryState is an API-agnostic representation of a query that can be executed against an MDEX engine to retrieve results.

Enum Summary
Feature This class contains the mapping of MDEX version to feature support.

Exception Summary
DataSourceException Thrown when attempting to perform an operation on a data source, such as updating an MDEX state or executing a query
QueryStateException Thrown when attempting to modify a QueryState