Class CordaChartBuilder

  extended by com.endeca.navigation.charting.CordaChartBuilder

public class CordaChartBuilder
extends Object

A helper class to build Corda PopChart charts from Endeca data. It builds the Corda PCXML string that can be used to create the chart.

Constructor Summary
CordaChartBuilder(String graphName, Grid grid)
Method Summary
 String getPCXML()
          Returns the PCXML for the chart.
 void setDrilldown(Drilldown drilldown, HttpServletRequest request)
          Enables drilldown for this chart.
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Constructor Detail


public CordaChartBuilder(String graphName,
                         Grid grid)

graphName - The name of the graph object. (Usually this will be "graph".)
grid - The data to display. The grid may have either one axis (for a standard "2-D" chart) or 2 axes (for a "3-D" cross-tab chart).
Method Detail


public void setDrilldown(Drilldown drilldown,
                         HttpServletRequest request)
Enables drilldown for this chart.

drilldown - The Drilldown object which will return the URL to use when a value and/or label are clicked on.
request - The current HTTP request, for use it building the new URL.


public String getPCXML()
Returns the PCXML for the chart.

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