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Oracle® Communications IP Service Activator OSS Java Development Library Guide
Release 7.2

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This guide provides information for developing application programming interfaces to Oracle Communications IP Service Activator.

The OSS Java Development Library (OJDL) provides a Java-based Application Programming Interface (API) to IP Service Activator. It comprises a set of Java classes together with some code samples and an example Web interface.


This guide is intended for systems integrators and developers who will be using the OJDL to develop their own Java-based interfaces, for example customized web-based applications for Customer Network Management.

It assumes that readers have the following knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the OSS Integration Manager (OIM), including the External Object Model (EOM), the OIM command language, and the ability to write scripts

    Refer to IP Service Activator OSS Integration Manager Guide for further information

  • Familiarity with the core IP Service Activator features

  • Experience of the Java programming language and Java technologies

  • Knowledge of the Oracle Solaris operating system and its commands, including the ability to use a text editor such as vi

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