Chapter 2. Planning a Sun Ray Network Environment

Table of Contents

2.1. Using a Shared Network Configuration
2.1.1. Configuring a Shared Network
2.1.2. VPN Capability
2.1.3. IP MultiPathing (Oracle Solaris 10)
2.1.4. IPv4 and IPv6
2.1.5. Network Performance Considerations
2.2. Configuring Sun Ray Server Discovery
2.2.1. Firmware Server
2.2.2. Session Server
2.2.3. Using Domain Name Service (DNS)

This chapter provides detailed information about setting up the network environment to support Sun Ray Clients and Oracle Virtual Desktop Clients. There are many options for configuring the network to support both firmware provisioning and Sun Ray server discovery, but the recommended approach is a shared network configuration, detailed below.

For other network configurations that are far less common and require advanced configuration of the Sun Ray server and network, see Chapter 19, Alternate Network Configurations.