8.1. Overview

Sun Ray Software automatically provides smart card services, such as smart card authentication, through the PC/SC-lite API. PC/SC (Personal Computer/Smart Card) is the standard framework for smart card device access on multiple OS platforms.

Smart card services include interoperability with the integrated smart card reader on a Sun Ray Client or an enabled smart card reader connected to a client computer running Oracle Virtual Desktop Client. For Sun Ray servers running Oracle Solaris, external CCID-compliant USB smart card readers on both Sun Ray Clients and Oracle Virtual Desktop Clients are supported with the CCID IFD handler, which can be downloaded separately.

Custom applications are frequently used to provide the following solutions:

All Sun Ray 2 Series Clients and Sun Ray 3 Series Clients support smart cards that operate at all three of the ISO-7816 defined Vcc voltages of 1.8 Volts (Class C), 3 Volts (Class B), and 5 Volts (Class A). The client firmware automatically chooses the most appropriate voltage to operate the card. There are no administrator settings available or required to control this feature.

For the latest list of smart cards tested with Sun Ray Software, see the Smart Cards for Hotdesking page on Oracle Technology Network.