Chapter 8. Smart Card Services

Table of Contents

8.1. Overview
8.2. Smart Card Bus Protocol
8.3. Smart Card Configuration Files
8.4. Smart Card Probe Order
8.5. Hotdesking with Smart Cards
8.6. Configuring Smart Card Services
8.6.1. How to Configure Primary Smart Card Readers for Hotdesking and Authentication
8.6.2. How to Configure External CCID-Compliant USB Smart Card Readers for Authentication (Oracle Solaris)
8.6.3. How to Add a Smart Card Configuration File
8.6.4. How to Change the Smart Card Probe Order
8.6.5. How to Change the Smart Card Bus Protocol (Oracle Solaris)
8.7. Troubleshooting Smart Card Services
8.7.1. Smart Card Transaction Problems
8.8. CCID IFD Handler for External USB Smart Card Readers (Oracle Solaris)
8.8.1. How to Install CCID IFD Handler
8.8.2. How to Uninstall CCID IFD Handler
8.8.3. Known Issues

This chapter provides details about the smart card services provided by Sun Ray Software.