8.7. Troubleshooting Smart Card Services

8.7.1. Smart Card Transaction Problems

Here are some basic checks to make when troubleshooting smart card services.

8.7.1. Smart Card Transaction Problems

Here are some guidelines and workarounds when using authenticated smart cards.

  • When a smart card transaction is occurring on a Sun Ray Client (smart card LED is flashing), avoid hotdesking or resetting the Sun Ray Client. If a problem occurs, you may have to log out of the session.

  • If you reset a Sun Ray Client that has smart card-related applications currently running, the applications may freeze for up to two minutes or the smart cards may be inaccessible for up to two minutes. The applications should recover without user intervention.

  • When hotdesking with a Windows connector session running, the PIN dialog may fail to display. You will get a password prompt. If this happens, log out of the Windows session, restart the Windows connector session, and log into Windows again.

  • When rapidly hotdesking a Sun Ray Client, it may fail to recognize the smart card and OSD icon 63 will display instead of the session. Remove and reinsert the card to resolve the issue.