8.4. Smart Card Probe Order

The order in which smart cards are inspected is called the probe order. Every time a smart card is inserted into a desktop client, the Sun Ray server tries to identify the card type using the specified probe order. The utcard command or the Advanced > Card Probe Order page in the Admin GUI enables you to set up a group-wide probe order, which is stored in the Sun Ray data store. Only smart cards identified by one of the configuration files specified in the probe order list are accepted. You can add or remove smart card configuration files from this list to restrict session access to specific card types.

In the absence of a group-wide probe order, the Sun Ray server uses the local probe order defined in the /etc/opt/SUNWut/smartcard/probe_order.conf file. If no local probe order has been set up, a default probe order is used. Changes in smart card probe order require Sun Ray services to be restarted.