16.15. (21) Network Connection Verified Icon

(21) Network Connection Verified Icon.

The Network Connection Verified icon indicates that the Sun Ray Client has detected the Ethernet carrier but has not yet received its initial parameters or IP address from the DHCP server. The icon is displayed for a few seconds as part of the normal startup process.

After the DHCP server has allocated an IP address, the icon is updated with the Sun Ray Client's assigned IP address. When the network connection is verified, the Sun Ray Client connects to the Sun Ray server.

Problem: The icon is displayed for more than 10 seconds.

Problem: The icon displays an IP address and an icon message, either 21A or 21B, depending on whether the Sun Ray server is on a LAN network or a dedicated interconnect.

This condition occurs when the Sun Ray Client receives an IP address from the DHCP but no other parameters. The Sun Ray Client issues a DHCP_INFORM request to obtain the Sun Ray-specific parameters.

If no response is received, the Sun Ray Client continues the startup process using only the IP address. In a private interconnect or simple LAN configuration, the Sun Ray Client can function successfully. However, performance of the Sun Ray Client might be affected. If the Sun Ray Client is part of a complex LAN configuration, it can fail later in the start up process because it requires the additional parameters and Sun Ray-specific vendor options to handle network operations, such as when a Sun Ray Client is located several hops away from the Sun Ray server's subnet.

Continue with the startup process, if possible, and at the next opportunity, do the following:

When the Sun Ray Client concludes the interaction with the DHCP server, it connects to a Sun Ray server and then interacts with the server's Authentication Manager, indicated by the Waiting to Connect to Authentication Manager OSD. Occasionally, the Sun Ray Client is first routed to another Sun Ray server. In this case, the Redirection OSD icon is displayed for a few seconds and then, as the Sun Ray Client interacts with the new server's Authentication Manager, the Waiting to Connect to Authentication Manager OSD is displayed.