16.10. (4) Firmware Download Diagnostics Icon

The Firmware Download icon is displayed with a code or a message when an error occurs during a download of firmware. The following table lists the error codes. These error messages appear in English even in localized versions of Sun Ray Software.

(4) Firmware Download Diagnostics Icon.

Table 16.5, “Firmware Download Error Codes and Messages” lists the firmware download error codes and messages. Firmware download error codes are valid only with OSD icon 4.

Table 16.5. Firmware Download Error Codes and Messages

Error Code

Error Message


FW Load: No server


FW Load: Name too long


FW Load: Bad read


FW Load: Bad signature


FW Load: Failed decompression


FW Load: Invalid module type


FW Load: Version mismatch


FW Load: Not enough memory


FW Load: Prevented by barrier


FW Load: Invalid HW version


FW Load: Flash write error

The Firmware Download with a 4 error code icon is displayed when the Sun Ray Client fails to download new firmware. The message "FW Load: Prevented by barrier" indicates that the Sun Ray Client already has a later version of the firmware.

In the syslog, the following message indicates that a barrier level has been set to prevent Sun Ray Clients from downloading an earlier version of the firmware.

Firmware upgrade/downgrade not allowed! Barrier is 310 Firmware level is 0

Check /var/opt/SUNWut/log/messages to confirm that your configuration is set up properly.