17.10. Automatic Reconnection

If the Automatic Reconnection feature is enabled on the Windows remote desktop server, the Windows connector automatically re-establishes a network connection if it is unexpectedly disconnected. When you are disconnected from a Window session, the Windows connector displays an icon on your screen, as shown in Figure 17.10, “Automatic Reconnection Icon”.

Figure 17.10. Automatic Reconnection Icon

Snapshot of a Windows desktop with the Automatic Reconnection icon.

By default, the Windows connector attempts to reconnect six times before ending the connection. You can control the number of reconnects through the -U number option of the uttsc command. Specifying -U 0 disables the use of the Automatic Reconnection feature.


You can also use the -S timeout option, in seconds, to specify the interval to detect network loss for a reconnect to occur.