B.2. Sessions Tab

This page lists the Sun Ray sessions, including the user sessions and login greeter/idle sessions. Sun Ray sessions are groups of services or applications that are associated with an authentication token. They reside on a Sun Ray server and can be directed to any client. See Chapter 7, Sessions and Tokens for more information.

Search Field

The search field enables you to filter what sessions are displayed in the Sessions table. The drop-down menu enables you to filter the sessions on all the Sun Ray servers in the failover group or a single server. By default, a wildcard (*) is in the search field to display all the sessions based on the selected filter. You can also specify a session token name or partial name in the field to further filter the list of sessions that are displayed. After you specify a new search string, you can always click Reset Search Criteria to reset the search back to the default.

Terminate Button

To terminate one or more sessions, select the sessions in the sessions list (either individually or with the Select All button) and then click Terminate.

Sessions Table
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