Chapter 7. Sessions and Tokens

Table of Contents

7.1. Sessions Overview
7.1.1. Authentication Manager
7.1.2. Session Manager
7.2. Managing Sessions
7.2.1. How to Redirect a Session
7.2.2. How to Disconnect a Session
7.2.3. How to Terminate a Session
7.2.4. How To Identify a Hung Session
7.2.5. How To Kill a Hung Session
7.3. Tokens
7.3.1. Registering Tokens
7.3.2. How to Register a Token
7.3.3. How to Register a Pseudo-Token
7.3.4. How to Enable, Disable, or Delete a Token
7.4. Token Readers
7.4.1. How to Configure a Token Reader
7.4.2. How to Locate a Token Reader
7.4.3. How to Get a Token ID From a Token Reader
7.5. Session Troubleshooting
7.5.1. Problem: The dtlogin daemon cannot start the Xsun or Xnewt server properly.

This chapter provides details on desktop sessions and tokens used to manage the sessions.