2.7 Login Issues

2.7.1 Login Greeter Not Centered After Rotating Tablet

If dynamic session resizing is enabled on Oracle Virtual Desktop Client running on a tablet, the GNOME login greeter or the NSCM login greeter is not centered after rotating the tablet.

Reference: CR 15872787 and 15872764

2.7.2 QuickLogin Menu Does Not Work on NSCM Login Greeter (Oracle Solaris 11)

When using Oracle Solaris 11, the Options > QuickLogin menu on the NSCM login greeter does not work.

Reference: CR 14703949

2.7.3 Sun Ray Clients Hang at 26D When Choosing a Remote Host Name From Choose Host From List Option in the dtlogin Screen

When trying to log in to a remote system from the dtlogin window, choosing a remote host name from the Options->Remote Login->Choose Host From List option causes the client to hang at 26D.

Workaround: Enter a remote host name using the Enter Host Name option instead of choosing a remote host name from the list.

Reference: CR 12310031