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Release Notes for Release 5.4.x

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October 2016


This document provides an overview of the new features, changes, and known issues for Sun Ray Software 5.4.x releases.

Document generated on: 2016-10-17 (revision: 2673)

Table of Contents

1 What's New in Sun Ray Software
1.1 Release 5.4.5
1.2 Release 5.4.4
1.3 Release 5.4.3
1.4 Release 5.4.2
1.5 Release 5.4.1
2 Known Issues
2.1 Performance Update
2.2 Preventing Missing Sessions (Oracle Linux)
2.3 Performance With IPsec
2.4 Installation Issues
2.4.1 DHCP Service Not Restarted After Upgrade
2.4.2 utpreserve Does Not Restore the utwc (Windows Connector) Group During Upgrade
2.5 Admin GUI Issues
2.5.1 Self-Registration GUI
2.5.2 Multiple Authentication (Oracle Solaris)
2.6 Session Issues
2.6.1 Session Access is Very Slow When Using IPv6 (Oracle Solaris 11)
2.7 Login Issues
2.7.1 Login Greeter Not Centered After Rotating Tablet
2.7.2 QuickLogin Menu Does Not Work on NSCM Login Greeter (Oracle Solaris 11)
2.7.3 Sun Ray Clients Hang at 26D When Choosing a Remote Host Name From Choose Host From List Option in the dtlogin Screen
2.8 Screen Issues
2.8.1 Sun Ray Session Uses Default Display of 640x480 When Monitor is Connected to DVI-2
2.8.2 GNOME May Crash After Hotdesking When Dynamic Session Resizing Enabled (Oracle Linux 5)
2.8.3 Screen Flickers on Sun Ray 3 and Sun Ray 3i Clients When Viewing Configuration GUI
2.8.4 No Screen Lock For Second Oracle Linux Session
2.9 Multimedia Issues
2.9.1 Windows Session May Crash When Closing Windows Media Player That is Currently Playing an H.264 Video (Oracle Solaris)
2.9.2 Windows Desktop Background May Become Black When Playing Videos in Windows Media Player and Refreshing the Desktop
2.9.3 When Reducing the Size of a Video, the Video Starts Playing Inside the Image of the Previously Set Higher Video Size
2.9.4 RealPlayer Rendering (Oracle Solaris)
2.9.5 Video Image Problems When Hotdesking From Two Screens to One Screen
2.9.6 Scaling Down Using XVideo
2.9.7 Sometimes VC-1 (WMV9) Video Does Not Play on the First Attempt in Windows Media Player
2.9.8 Slow Maximized XVideo Playback in RealPlayer
2.10 Keyboard Issues
2.10.1 Plus ("+") Symbol on Keyboard Does Not Work When xset led is Enabled (Oracle Solaris 11)
2.10.2 Shift-Props and Shift-Pause Hot Keys Do Not Work When NumLock is on (Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Linux 6)
2.10.3 XKB (Oracle Linux)
2.10.4 Numeric Keypad Mapping (Oracle Linux)
2.10.5 Keyboard Layout (Oracle Linux)
2.11 Kiosk Issues
2.11.1 Set Kiosk Application Type Correctly
2.12 Mass Storage Issues
2.12.1 Memorex TravelDrive 1GB Not Working on Sun Ray 2FS Client
2.13 Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Issues
2.13.1 User Without admin_high/admin_low Clearance Fails to Log in (Oracle Solaris 11)
2.13.2 Sun Ray Interconnect Configuration
2.13.3 Multihead Role Assumption
2.13.4 Flash Disk Allocation
2.13.5 Multiple Slices/Partitions
2.13.6 xscreensaver Links (Oracle Solaris 10)
2.14 Localization Issues
2.14.1 Portuguese Locale Not Installed (Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Linux)
2.14.2 nl_NL Dutch Locale Support Not Provided by Default (Oracle Solaris 11)
2.14.3 Localized Text is Not Displayed Properly in the utselect GUI (Oracle Solaris 11)
2.14.4 utselect and utwall (Oracle Linux)
2.15 VMware View Connector Issues
2.15.1 Authentication Fails on VDM Login Screen When Launching Windows 7 Using Network Level Authentication (NLA)
2.16 Smart Card Issues
2.16.1 Smart Card LED Blinks For Approximately 40 Seconds When Installing Sun Ray Operating Software
2.17 Windows Connector Issues
2.17.1 Segmentation Fault Occurs When a Windows Server 2003 R2 Desktop Automatically Resizes During Hotdesking
2.17.2 uttrace Command Used to Troubleshoot USB Redirection Feature Does Not Work
2.17.3 Windows Connector May Hang at the Windows Welcome Screen When Connecting to a Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 System
2.17.4 Color Gradients Are Not Displayed Correctly in Windows 7 When Theming is Enabled
2.17.5 Black Mouse Cursor is Displayed in Windows Server 2008 R2 Session When XRender is Disabled
2.17.6 Scanning Does Not Work When Using Scanner Button
2.17.7 Explore Window Not Launched Automatically After Inserting Flash Disk
2.17.8 Smart Cards Cannot Authenticate Users to a Windows Terminal Server
2.17.9 Copying a Large File From Windows Onto PCFS-formatted Removable Media Does Not Work, Due to Known Oracle Linux Limitations
3 Feedback and Support