1.3 Release 5.4.3

This section provides information about what's new in the Sun Ray Software 5.4.3 release.

Supported Installation Platforms

For the latest information about supported installation platforms, see knowledge document ID 1632400.1 on My Oracle Support.

Sun Ray Operating Software 11.1.4

The Sun Ray Operating Software 11.1.4 for Sun Ray Clients was released at the same time as Sun Ray Software 5.4.3 and includes important bug fixes.

To benefit from all the latest Sun Ray Software features and to gain the best user experience, make sure to always install the latest Sun Ray Operating Software on your Sun Ray Clients. Refer to the Sun Ray Operating Software Documentation for details.

Bugs Fixed

The following table lists the bugs that have been fixed in Sun Ray Software 5.4.3.

Table 1.3 Bugs Fixed in Sun Ray Software 5.4.3

Bug Number



only 17 interfaces could be created on sun ray aggr + tagvlan


pcscd reports err contacting instance :display#. abandoning


choppy audio when connecting via vrdp


uttsc-bin crash and client reboot at 5 seconds interval


26b errors when utaudio goes 100% cpu and makes server unresponsive


audio (utaudio) quality poor after installing 5.4.2 with vdi 3.5


integrate 4.5_patch: pbr 7239 utaudio fix for choppy audio over uttsc/vrdp


serverselect auth module should pass the 'subcause' key/val pair on redirection


add sssd-client.i686 32bit rpm to utpkgcheck for oel6 install


need srs 5.4 xserver (xnewt) updated with fix from 16794838 (10u11 tx)