1.4 Release 5.4.2

This section provides information about what's new in the Sun Ray Software 5.4.2 release.

New Features

The following are the new features in this release.

  • Support for Oracle Linux 6 update 4

    Oracle Linux 6 update 4 (64-bit) is a supported installation platform.

  • Support for VMware View 5.2

    VMware View 5.2 is a supported platform for the VMware View connector.

Sun Ray Operating Software 11.1.3

The Sun Ray Operating Software 11.1.3 for Sun Ray Clients was released at the same time as Sun Ray Software 5.4.2 and includes important bug fixes.

To benefit from all the latest Sun Ray Software features and to gain the best user experience, make sure to always install the latest Sun Ray Operating Software on your Sun Ray Clients. Refer to the Sun Ray Operating Software Documentation for details.

System Requirements

See Product Requirements in the Administration Guide for the system requirements, including the operating system requirements for the Sun Ray server and Windows remote desktop support.

Bugs Fixed

The following table lists the bugs that have been fixed in Sun Ray Software 5.4.2.

Table 1.4 Bugs Fixed in Sun Ray Software 5.4.2

Bug ID



utaction process belongs to pcscd left over after pcscd dies


user sees certificates from other users logged in with smartcard


"hanja" conversion not working thru any dtu within Oracle vdi 3.5


esc: audio fails when hotdesking in srs 5.4 using -h autoreconnect


insert card yuv painted over linux console


add dac_lockdown_on_fail parameter to pc/sc-lite


pin login doesn't prompt correctly after timeout val


uttsc crash after 5 consecutive rdp connection attempts


need to fix $sun_libusb_follow_session kvp in /etc/smartcard/pcscd-sunray.conf


when trying to play audio/video on 5th uttsc session seg fault happens


esc: some motif application fonts not displaying correctly with srs 5.4


esc: utauthd cores after several failed login attempts


esc: audio fails to resume after monitor wakeup event


utpreserve broken in srs 5.4.x on linux