1.5 Release 5.4.1

This section provides information about what's new in the Sun Ray Software 5.4.1 release.

New Features

The following new feature has been added in this release.

  • Access management for smart card readers

    In previous Sun Ray Software releases, smart card readers attached to Sun Ray Clients were available to all users and there was no way to limit access on a per-user basis. Sun Ray Software now enables you to configure device access policies by using the utdevpolicy command. In this release, you can configure user access to smart card readers based on the zones configured on the Sun Ray server. Specifically, you can configure which smart card readers are accessible in which zones.

    This feature is available only on Sun Ray servers running Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions and for internal or external smart card readers attached to Sun Ray Clients. See Configuring Access to Smart Card Readers in the Administration Guide for details.

Sun Ray Operating Software 11.1.2

The Sun Ray Operating Software 11.1.2 for Sun Ray Clients was released at the same time as Sun Ray Software 5.4.1 and includes important bug fixes.

To benefit from all the latest Sun Ray Software features and to gain the best user experience, make sure to always install the latest Sun Ray Operating Software on your Sun Ray Clients. Refer to the Sun Ray Operating Software Documentation for details.

System Requirements

See Product Requirements in the Administration Guide for the system requirements, including the operating system requirements for the Sun Ray server and Windows remote desktop support.

Bugs Fixed

The following table lists the bugs that have been fixed in Sun Ray Software 5.4.1.

Table 1.5 Bugs Fixed in Sun Ray Software 5.4.1

Bug ID



move utadmin.pw to a directory which cannot be read by every user


esc - ovdc takes 2 minutes to search for smart cards even with --nosmartcards


usb storage stick fails to mount on ubuntu desktops


screen redraw issue on windows desktop after upgrading to sgd 4.70


xnewt, x11 window corruption from underlying window


possible keystore vulnerability


uttsc exits on xwarppointer when activclient utility is launched in tx11


memory corruption in libutsc update_cached_reader


xnewt process goes into loop, using 100% cpu and hanging the session


pcscd crashes when external smartcard reader is hotplugged


version of the package sunwuti is shown incorrectly in srs 5.2.6


unable to save window documents with uttsc mounted devices


bundle jre version 6u45


smartcard redirection mode cause pcscd broken pipe error and system overload


libusbut doesn't synchronize between svclib detach callback and usb_close()


screensaver not blanking dtu monitor correctly at nscm login