2.10 Keyboard Issues

2.10.1 Plus ("+") Symbol on Keyboard Does Not Work When xset led is Enabled (Oracle Solaris 11)

Workaround: Disable the LEDs on the keyboard using the following command:

xset -led     

Reference: CR 16191463

2.10.2 Shift-Props and Shift-Pause Hot Keys Do Not Work When NumLock is on (Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Linux 6)

On Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Linux 6, the Shift-Props hot key does not open the utsettings GUI when NumLock is on. On Oracle Solaris 11, the Shift-Pause hot key does not detach a Sun Ray Client when NumLock is on.

Workaround: Turn off NumLock or launch the utsettings GUI from the command line:


Reference: CR 13645049

2.10.3 XKB (Oracle Linux)

The following message is displayed after enabling the XKB feature; however, the feature works as expected.

Error activating XKB configuration.
Probably internal X server problem.

2.10.4 Numeric Keypad Mapping (Oracle Linux)

Numeric keypad mapping does not work properly in Java-based Sun Ray Software commands such as utsettings, utmhconfig, and the registration GUI.

Workaround: Set the environment variable _AWT_USE_TYPE4_PATCH to false, as follows:

# setenv _AWT_USE_TYPE4_PATCH false

2.10.5 Keyboard Layout (Oracle Linux)

setxkbmap cannot be used to set layouts for keyboards on Sun Ray Clients.