2.9 Multimedia Issues

2.9.1 Windows Session May Crash When Closing Windows Media Player That is Currently Playing an H.264 Video (Oracle Solaris)

This problem is limited to Sun Ray 2 Series Clients or Sun Ray 3 Series Clients, Windows Server 2003 R2, and a Sun Ray server running Oracle Solaris. On Sun Ray 2 Series Clients, the client may also reset when closing Windows Media Player.

Workaround: Stop playing the video before closing Windows Media Player. This workaround may only work on the first attempt.

Reference: CR 14309965

2.9.2 Windows Desktop Background May Become Black When Playing Videos in Windows Media Player and Refreshing the Desktop

This problem can occur on Sun Ray 3 Plus Clients when using video acceleration.

Workaround: Refresh the desktop again by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Refresh.

Reference: CR 13081974

2.9.3 When Reducing the Size of a Video, the Video Starts Playing Inside the Image of the Previously Set Higher Video Size

Reference: CR 12300252

2.9.4 RealPlayer Rendering (Oracle Solaris)

If you reset the Sun Ray Client (Ctrl-Power) while using XVideo to play a video clip in RealPlayer, the RealPlayer application sometimes fails to render for a long period of time.

Workaround: Click Pause followed by Play to start the video clip playing again.

Reference: CR 12249128

2.9.5 Video Image Problems When Hotdesking From Two Screens to One Screen

Video image problems may occur when a user hotdesks a Sun Ray session from a Sun Ray 2FS Client with two screens to a Sun Ray 2 or Sun Ray 270 Client if the uttsc or video window is not near the left-most border of the desktop and the video is being scaled up.


  • Keep the video near the left-most border of the desktop.

  • Make sure that scaling does not occur by using the application menus or command keys to set video image size to 100%.

Reference: CR 12248506

2.9.6 Scaling Down Using XVideo

In this release, video playback using XVideo does not support scaling down.

Reference: CR 12247940

2.9.7 Sometimes VC-1 (WMV9) Video Does Not Play on the First Attempt in Windows Media Player

Workaround: Relaunch the video clip.

Reference: CR 12237505

2.9.8 Slow Maximized XVideo Playback in RealPlayer

When video is played in an enlarged size (RealPlayer maximized mode), the user's X session responds very slowly, especially to menu requests.

Reference: CR 12220430